Loris is a knitwear label that’s all about wearable love, care and confidence. We’re a super small operation, with every one-of-a-kind design made by one woman’s hands from her home in Ballarat, Victoria. Taught to knit by her mother Loris, our designer, knitter and all-round creative powerhouse Lisa Kerr spent her early years making clothing for her dolls, then later for herself, her children and her friends. After so many years honing her talents and love of fashion, she decided to try something a little more experimental, and Loris was born. There’s something really special about handmade clothes and we’re all about celebrating that. Every time you put on a Loris garment, we want you to feel loved and taken care of. We want you to know how much time and care went into that piece, and we want that knowledge to fill you with confidence and a sense of security. As well as our ever-changing core range, which is available to shop from our small family of amazing stockists, we also offer a made-to-order service so you can help bring the knitwear of your dreams to life. Either way, no two LORIS garments will ever be the same, so whatever piece finds its way to your wardrobe will be totally unique and all you.